Our consulting services are designed to assist various client demographics and are scalable. We consult with clients on the spectrum of corporations, places of worship and VIPs both operationally and on a project by project basis. We also have special packages for the standard consumer’s who value safety and security for their families, homes and belongings as well. The process is intimate and thorough, we tailor everything to your personal, organizational, or family’s individual needs on a case-by-case basis. Are you facing someone or something that could represent a threat to yourself or your family? Do you know how much of a threat they pose? BRG will conduct thorough threat and vulnerability assessments, give your situation a threat rating and develop a comprehensive security strategy to protect you as well as the things and people you love. Contact us as soon as possible for assistance with your specific situation, the earlier the better.

Corporate Offices
Places of Worship
Safe House

Threats Profiling


In this digital age predators can make contact with us and our loved ones very easily while exercising the autonomy provided by the online shroud. In many cases this allows the predator to exist much closer to us and our loved ones then we know or prefer. If someone has made contact with you, your loved ones or coworkers digitally or physically in a way that you are not comfortable with, an in-depth threat assessment of the individual is a great way to proactively identify and mitigate any threats that person may represent before a problem arises. We utilize a synergy of professionals with backgrounds in, tech, forensic psychology and intelligence to furnish the finished product of this type of assessment. Once we understand them, we can intelligently and effectively put together a comprehensive security strategy to safeguard what is important to you.

Organizational Risk Assessments

An initial Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (RTVA) will help BRG consultants determine the existing vulnerabilities within your organization's physical security systems and operations. From there BRG consultants will create a custom security plan based on the needs of your organization to include VIP protection, congregation security, medical and emergency evacuation. Lastly, BRG consultants will design and conduct the necessary training for your existing security team utilizing the assets and facilities you already have at your disposal

Safe House

Risk assessment and security strategy for the family. The difference between victims and survivors is mindset, proper planning and focused execution. Do your kids know how to react in the event of a home invasion when you're not home? What about a natural disaster, fire or medical emergency? Through proper planning and basic security awareness training these are the types of things we help families mitigate. BRG consultants will come to your home, conduct a risk, threat and vulnerability assessment and develop immediate action strategies unique to your family, home and resources. We then facilitate any training and implementation of technologies to keep your family safe at all times. Your family will be safer after undergoing this type of makeover.

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