Good security and good business both revolve around relationships. An agent’s relationship with his client, his relationship with the public and his relationship with the enemy. No matter how direct or indirect these relationships may be, our security professionals are trained and prepared to manage all of them in a way that keeps our clients safe and supports our client’s missions at the same time. We are not perfect but we are committed to continual progress and delivering it work product of excellence that is designed to improve our client’s overall quality of life day in and day out. With experience all over the world with every client demographic that the private security industry has to offer, we have been very successful in developing valuable, mutually beneficial progressive relationships with many clients over the past decade.




It is predicted that cybercrimes will cost the world roughly $6 trillion by 2021.  Cyber criminals contribute to an array of crimes that impact many of us not only on a corporate level but also a personal level with things such as human trafficking, pedophilia/abductions and identity theft. As the world becomes ever increasingly more and more technical, the ability to protect oneself, one’s family and assets in the technical realm is becoming absolutely nonnegotiable. Bravo research group employs industry professionals with backgrounds in law enforcement and the military who are highly trained in cyber security, open source/social media reconnaissance and profiling methods of monitoring that will safeguard your family from cyber predators of many types.  Is someone bothering you online or harassing you through social media?

Is someone hiding behind the veil of anonymity that the digital veil provides?

Is there someone you want to evade, understand or keep an eye on? We can help.




Our consulting services are designed to assist various client demographics and are scalable. We consult with clients on the spectrum of corporations, places of worship and VIPs both operationally and on a project by project basis. We also have special packages for the standard consumer’s who value safety and security for their families, homes and belongings as well. The process is intimate and thorough, we tailor everything to your personal, organizational, or family’s individual needs on a case-by-case basis.  Are you facing someone or something that could represent a threat to yourself or your family? Do you know how much of a threat they pose? BRG will conduct thorough threat and vulnerability assessments, give your situation a threat rating and develop a comprehensive security strategy to protect you as well as the things and people you love. Contact us as soon as possible for assistance with your specific situation, the earlier the better.




BRG offers a wide range of training solutions that include industry courses in executive protection and surveillance detection, corporate training for workplace violence situations and travel security, to situational awareness and hard-targeting courses for the individual person.


Bravo Research Group